Please read before you do anythingEdit

  • This wiki does not include Kirby anime, with an exception to General Waddle Dee because hes cool. Characters like Tiff, Tuff, and Escargoon will not be rped.
  • If you make a page be sure to add a characterbox template with information about the character and the latest pic
  • Please do not make a page without permission from an admin.

Rping rulesEdit

If you want to rp, make sure you follow these rules.

  1. Ask if you want to rp someone
  2. Always put your signature after your post. (example: Cheesywhale123 16:22, August 10, 2011 (UTC)) Click the signature button or put 4 ~s
  3. Never rp someone elses character, unless they give you permission.
  4. No foul language in posts or on chat.
  5. Have fun!

Three pages of this monthEdit

Each month there will be three pages to be made.No pages will be made except the three of the month.