Personal info
Species: Unknown
Description: Brown with blue and white clothes
Vehicle: Lor Starcutter
Home: Halcandra
Friends: None
Attack1: Black hole
Attack2: Purple energy blast
Roleplayer: {{{None}}}
Magolor is a alien. He crashes lands on Pop Star and tricks Kirby and Friends into fixing his ship and defeating Landia. He attacks Kirby and friends, but they defeat him twice, and then he comes back again, and they defeat him. The four friends fly back to Pop Star on Landia, and Magolor is not seen for a while. The Arena opens up after they come back.

Magolor SoulEdit

After Magolor is defeated, the battle is not over. Magolor's twisted soul comes forth. His attacks are stronger, and he has his own versions of Super Abilities. He has a eyeball where his mouth should be, hinting that he is a form of Dark Matter.

Magolor soul

Magolor Soul