Mace Knight
Mace ace
Personal info
Species: Mace Knight
Description: Knight with purple armor and large, spiked mace
Vehicle: None owned, but lives on the Battleship Halberd
Home: Battleship Halberd
Friends: Meta-knights Meta Knight
Attack1: Mace
Attack2: Run while swinging mace
Roleplayer: {{{None}}}
Mace Knight is a purple knight that is part of the Meta-knights. He is in the crew of the Halberd. He once stashed food and 1ups in the Halberd, without telling his Master, or the other Meta-knights.


Mace Knight gangs up on Kirby with the rest of the Meta Knights, appearing as a recurring mini-boss. Meta Knight gives the command upon seeing Kirby, then vanishes, as Mace Knight and the others appear in a surprise attack. Mace Knight swings his mace over his head a few times before thrusting it forward. Then he takes a few steps and repeats. Sometimes, he will swing his mace early if Kirby gets too close. Occasionally, upon spawning, Mace Knight will swing his mace over his head crazily as he dashes across the room. Upon reaching the end, he turns around and proceeds.

Mace Knight and the other Meta-knights are starting up the Halberd when they relize that Kirby is coming there way! They conspire a plan to blow Kirby away using Heavy Lobster as a destraction. It works and Kirby is blown away when they take off. Kirby flies the Warp Star up to the Halberd, but a good aimed shot from the Combo Cannon takes him down once more. Kirby rides Dyna Blade up to the Halberd and makes it on board while Dyna Blade is shot down. Kirby slowly destroys the Halberd piece by piece, and Mace Knight escapes with Ax Knight, leaving Meta Knightand Sailor Waddle Dee to deal with Kirby.