Galactic Nova
Personal info
Species: Comet
Description: Yellow, with space junk all around it
Vehicle: None
Home: Gamble Galaxy
Friends: None
Attack1: Various Enemies
Attack2: Various Enemies 2
Roleplayer: None
Galactic Nova is a thing created of space debris. It is called when someone gathers all the heart stars from the dream springs of all the planets surronding Pop Star. Kirby gathered the heart stars to summon it, so he could stop the sun and the moon from fighting. Marx, who tricked Kirby into getting the heart stars, pushed Kirby out of the way and wished to have control of Pop Star. Nova was stopped by the sun and the moon, and Kirby used a starship to fly inside of Nova. He destroys its heart, and the corner of Nova is destroyed Kirby beats Marx in a fight and Marx flies into Nova and destroys it. Meta Knight summons Nova so he become stronger, and it summons Galacta Knight for him to fight. Marx later absorbs Novas power and becomes Marx Soul.